Samsung Galaxy Home Mini gets the FCC’s stamp of approval, Galaxy Home still not out

Samsung Galaxy Home Mini have not yet entered stores, but this does not prevent Samsung from working on a miniature version of the device supported by Bixby. As seen by CNET, a smaller version of Galaxy Home was revealed in an FCC archive that was released Tuesday. The "Mini" will use Bluetooth 4.2, which may disappoint Samsung Galaxy S8 owners who are familiar with the new Bluetooth 5.0 standard on their phones. Equally important is that the smaller Galaxy Home is connected to a micro USB, not USB-C, which has become standard in most new devices.

Not much more is known about the Galaxy Home mini, because Samsung requested the FCC to archive most of the device's photos and secret user manuals for six months. We can look at the loudspeaker from the FCC repository.

Samsung announced the Galaxy Home smart speaker

The display at the top of the Galaxy Home mini reveals the volume buttons, the power button, and the AKG tag, which is Samsung's audio tag. Because Amazon and Google sell their intelligent speakers that are smaller and cheaper, it's no surprise that Samsung will do the same.

There are no words when Galaxy Home or its smaller partners will arrive, and Samsung did not respond promptly to Engadget's comment request. But the fact that Samsung's miniature speakers outweigh the FCC tests means a possible release date in the near future. Originally, the Samsung promised the April launch to Galaxy Home, but was postponed to "around the first half of 2019," according to the company.

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